Girls Night Out - 2017 Pink Power Grams

To Linda Centre:
My brave and amazing role model...the best “stepmonster” a girl could have.
Love you so much!

- Nicole

To Carol Gray:
In honor and memory of my most beautiful Mom. Blessed to be your daughter. I love you and I am grateful for you, always.

- Love, Jenny

To Nancy Haas:
My sweet mother.

- Love, Marcy Achtzehn

To Mary Ann Snyder:
Brave; Courageous; Inspirational; Beautiful; Amazing Mom, Friend, Grandma and Daughter; Survivor.

- Chad, Amy, Ryan & Families

To Denise, Brenda & Victoria:
My survivor sisters - Thank you for being your strong beautiful selves!

- Love, Libby

To Gray Schnetzka, Libby Hatchard,

Karen Jury and Denise Gilliland:
Be Strong, Be Brave, Be Fearless. You are never alone. Joshua 1:9

- Love, Paige

To Viola Guercione:
Honoring my mother.

- Love, Nina

Michelle Manfredi:
Honoring my friend.

- Love, Nina

In Memory of Roylene Vahoviak Fugate, 6/4/62 – 7/1/96:
My irreplaceable best friend. I miss you every day! You fought so hard for your life and your beautiful family.

- Sandy Bush

To Denise Gilliland:
You are an angel on this Earth. Pink Power is an example of you doing God’s work. Thank you my dear friend for making a difference in so many lives.

- Love, Kim Shackelford

To Ellen Dragotto:
In loving memory...

- Love, Mary Smith

To Evelyn Wesmiller:
Beloved Mom and Grandma who courageously battled breast cancer off and on for ten years. She was an amazing role model with a fun loving spirit. We love and miss her every day.

- Parrini Family

Honoring Regina Johnson:

- Love, Rosie Johnson

To Denise Banko:
Stay strong – You won the battle –
Keep up the fight!

- Terese Royer

To Kim Zech:
You are my bestie and my hero.
I love you!

- Amy

To Lisa Sparler Koch:
In loving memory of my beautiful friend forever walking in fields of gold.

- Love, Victoria Connor

To Virginia Smith:
My breast cancer story begins with you. You were selfless, sweet, and kind. You are forever in my heart, Grandma Amy.

- Love, Denise Gilliland

To Tanya Stamos:
For my friend, as you’ve just begun fighting this battle. I know with your faith and love from friends, that you’ll win.
Love and Prayers!

- Kathleen Smith

To Brenda and Kim:
To my two dear friends who have faced and conquered breast cancer. May any woman who goes through this have the courage, strength and grace as the two of you have shown. I love you both so much!

- Love, Kim M.

To my father Fred, Aunt Mary Ann,

Aunt Linda, and sister-in-law Sherry:
My family of breast cancer warriors who I admire and love so much! Missing Aunt Cindy each and every day.

- Love, Denise Gilliland

To Shirley Plank:
We miss you every day and think of you often. You fought strong and hard.
Wish you were here.

- Jess & Shelly

To Survivor Sisters:
I honor the strong warrior women who have faced this journey. May you all enjoy many years of love, health and happiness.

- Love, Teresa Shultz Fogelman

To Jo Birgensmith and

my beloved Carmen Broker:
Breast cancer took you both too soon. I continue to advocate, educate, and empower others in your memory.

- Love, Denise Gilliland

To Kathy Stover:
I am dedicating this night to my good friend Kathy. You are missed.

- Jess & Shelly

To Brenda Parrini:
My friend - the Power of Positivity.
Go, Brenda!

- Love, Julie St. Pierre

To my survivor sisters:
May we continue to stay positive, healthy, and strong, and live each day to the fullest! Share your stories with others. You never know whose life you will touch, and whose life you might even save. Pink Power!

- Love, Denise Gilliland

To Marie Sanders:
Twelve years going strong!

- Love, Julie Sanders St. Pierre

To Sheila Zeigler:
A strong fighter.

– Love, Julie Sanders St. Pierre

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