Girls Night Out – 2018 Pink Power Grams

To Shirley (Nan/Nanny) Plank:

We miss you every day, Nan.
You fought the good fight, twice.

Through it all you remained positive

and hopeful, which is just how you lived life.

You will stay forever in our hearts.

– Jess Dubbs


To Kim & Brenda:

You both will always be my inspiration

of courage and strength. May God continue

to bless your lives with health and love!

Cheers to many fun years ahead!

Love you both!

– Kim


To Hope Parente:

My sister-in-law, Hope, lost her battle to

breast cancer but she never lost her positive

outlook on life. My brother and their four

children carry out her zest for life,

dreams and hope for the future.

– Lynn Ferro


To Linda Centre:

You are an example of what a survivor looks like...Your whole life you have risen above challenges and turned them into successes.

I love you and thank you for your guidance.

– Love, Nicole


To Kim Zech:

In honor of my dear friend, a true inspiration!

– Cathy Pendergast


To Renee:

Congratulations! Valiant Fighter and now

a Beautiful Survivor!

– Libby


To June Aldinger:

June, we miss you dearly.

You were such an inspiration to me and many others. I can only pray to leave a remarkable legacy behind as you have!

– Love, Andrea


To Laura Black:

In honor of my beautiful mom and in memory

of her four beautiful sisters who battled cancer. Love you Mom!

– Robin Romig


To the One and Only Vicky C:

I am the luckiest girl in the world to have you

as my mother and best friend. Your strength,

determination and spirit inspire me and so many others. I love you to the moon and back!

– Brittany


To LeAnne Appleby:

Hey LeAnne, we think that you are amazing!

Breast cancer didn’t even stand a chance!

Love from all of us.

– Tonie, Doug, Julia, Eli and Conrad


To LeAnne Appleby:

LeAnne, you are an inspiration to us all!

Strong and courageous, I am grateful

you won your battle.

– Pam Meyer


To Leanne Appleby:

For my friend who did not let breast cancer

define her. You beat cancer every day by

how you live. You enjoy life’s journey

with family and friends by your faith,

hope, courage, and laughter.

– Bonnie Chevaux


To LeAnne Appleby:

All our love.

– Holly Clemens


To Leanne Appleby:

Your kind and loving support to other

breast cancer patients is amazing.

I am so blessed to call you my friend!

– Sandy Eckard


To Kim Davenport:

You are a beautiful example for all women

who face difficulties.  We all need your determination, positivity and that

permanent smile on your face.

Much love and hugs to you!

– Mary Ellen Martin


To Survivor Sisters:

Breast Cancer has touched me deeply as a

Survivor and Supporter of those who have

also fought the battle. I honor my

Sister Survivors, and I wish each of you

a life lived to the fullest, without regret,

and to enjoy a future filled with much

Love, Health, and Happiness.

– Teresa Shultz Fogelman


To Kathy Pons:

 “Surely Your goodness and love will

follow me all the days of my life,

and I will dwell in the house of the

LORD forever.” Psalm 23:6

You live out with confidence the truth

found in this verse, with your eternal hope

bringing joy to a temporal journey

with cancer. Much love to you!

–  Kayla & Kathleen Smith


To Virginia Smith, Jo Birgensmith,

and Carmen Broker:

You were brave warriors who will forever

be in my heart as I advocate in your memory.

– Denise Gilliland


To my survivor sister Karen Moyer:

Thank you for being our keynote speaker.

You are dynamic in every way and are an inspiration to so many.

I will always cherish our special memories.

You are one of a kind Queen Bee!

– Denise Gilliland


To Denise Gilliland:

Denissima, sister of my heart, you are an

inspiration! Congratulations on founding

Pink Power York, the Girls Night Out events

and bringing hope and help to so many.

Love, Victoria

– Victoria Connor


To Evelyn Wesmiller:

Mom, forever in our hearts!

Love and miss you so much!

– Love, Brenda


To my father Fred, Aunt Mary Ann,

Aunt Linda, and Aunt Cindy:

In honor of my family of breast cancer warriors

who taught me to be strong and to give back

to my community. You are such an important

part of my story. I love you all!

- Denise Gilliland


To Renee Maderitz:

Renee - Every time I see you, you are smiling.

You have the Pink Power!!

Continued blessings to you!

: xoxo

- Karen Traynham


To Judi Duffy and Renee Maderitz:

You were both diagnosed around the same

time earlier this year, and I'm so proud of

your strength, courage, and positive attitude.

You are an inspiration and will give hope

to others! I love you both!

- Denise Gilliland


To Gina Johnson:

I am with you 100% as you start this journey.

You can count on me no matter what.

Love you so much!

#1advocate XO

- Nikki Johnson



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